Embracing Innovation 

ROLE Design Lead
Web Standards Web Design

Jan C. Almquist, Project Management
Edgimo Strategic Digital Solutions, Web Development

CASE Smooch Repovich Rosenberg, a renowned figure in executive search consulting, aimed to establish a digital presence that accurately reflected her visionary leadership and innovative contributions to the industry.

RESULT I collaborated with Smooch Repovich Rosenberg and her team to address this goal by designing a new website for Smooch Unplugged. Our objective was to encapsulate Smooch's trailblazing spirit and set Smooch Unplugged apart from competitors by embracing the value of being different. We ensured that every aspect of the website seamlessly reflected Smooch Unplugged's ethos and objectives. Drawing inspiration from Smooch's innovative approach, we incorporated vibrant colors and dynamic design elements to convey the energy and innovation synonymous with Smooch Unplugged.

Completed at AAJdesign in 2022.


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