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Web Design Lead
Environmental Signage

COLLABRATORSJan C. Almquist, Brand Identity and Art Direction
JP Bender, Design
Jake Brams, Design

CASE SEI, a frontrunner in the financial services sector, sought to revitalize its brand image within the industry. The company's goal was to redefine its distinctive offerings with clarity and to reinforce its position as an innovative entity driving market advancement through bold concepts and cutting-edge technologies.

RESULT In collaboration with the Design + Communications Department at SEI, my team and I at AAJdesign created a new brand identity system for the company.  I took the lead in designing an internal website aimed at explaining the new brand positioning to SEI's 4,000+ employees. The goal of the website was to equip employees with the necessary information to grasp the new mission and understand how they could contribute to it in their own careers. Additionally, I was involved in designing external banners to be displayed throughout SEI's premises, effectively communicating the new brand identity while reinforcing the company's dedication to innovation.

Completed at AAJdesign in 2021.


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