Finding Cures Together

ROLE Web Standards
Web Design Lead

COLLABRATORSJan C. Almquist, Project Management and Art Direction
Weidenhammer, Web Development

CASEThe American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) embarked on a project to create a website that would emotionally connect with its audience and attract more visitors. The goals were to increase awareness of the organization and the importance of cancer research, grow the donor base, expand support for AACR Foundation events and activities, and strengthen public policy and advocacy efforts.

RESULT By strategically designing the website to evoke empathy and engagement, we aimed to elevate awareness of the AACR's mission and the significance of cancer research. Additionally, the website served as a platform to expand the donor base by highlighting the impact of contributions and fostering connections with potential donors. Furthermore, it promoted AACR Foundation events and activities, encouraged participation and support from the community.

Completed at AAJdesign in 2020.


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