Fostering Music Excellence and Community

ROLE Web Design Lead
Motion Graphic

COLLABRATORSJan C. Almquist, Project Management
Hayley Romansky, Web Design
Edgimo Strategic Digital Solutions, Web Development

CASE The PYO Music Institute aimed to update its online presence to better reflect its esteemed reputation and core values of character, commitment, discipline, and community.

RESULT I took on the task of redesigning PYO Music Institute's website and crafting captivating logo mark animations to complement their recently revamped brand. Our main goal was to guarantee that every facet of the website mirrored PYO's dedication to music excellence and its reputation as a premier youth orchestra organization in the tri-state area. By harmonizing the website with PYO's brand essence and values, we effectively met the institute's requirement for a contemporary and influential online platform.

Completed at AAJdesign in 2022.


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