Grow With Us

ROLE Design
Web Standards
Web Design Lead

COLLABRATORSJan C. Almquist, Brand Identity and Art Direction
JP Bender, Design
Edgimo Strategic Digital Solutions, Web Development

CASE Private Advisor Group, with over 650 independent advisors and managing more than $26 billion in assets, aimed to capitalize on its undeniable growth potential. However, they needed an engaging narrative and a brand identity system to match their expanding presence in the market.

RESULT In close collaboration with my team at AAJdesign, we embarked on a journey to address this goal. Together, we crafted a powerful positioning platform encapsulated by the tagline "Grow With Us," reflecting the collective growth ethos of the organization. Furthermore, we developed a fresh and cohesive brand identity system to accurately represent Private Advisor Group's values and aspirations. Complementing these efforts, we created an engaging website to effectively showcase the company's services and expertise to potential clients and investors.

Completed at AAJdesign in 2020.


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