Only the Beginning

ROLE Design Lead
Web Design Lead
Web Development

COLLABRATORSJan C. Almquist, Project Management
Edgimo Strategic Digital Solutions, Web Development

CASE Novocure, a pioneering global company, aimed to commemorate its 20th anniversary by effectively highlighting its groundbreaking approach to cancer therapy. The task was to compile and present 20 pivotal milestones from the last two decades in a compelling and impactful manner.

RESULT I took the lead in designing both the print and digital versions of Novocure's 2019 annual report, titled "Only the Beginning." Our objective was to encapsulate the essence of Novocure's remarkable journey and emphasize the significance of each milestone through a bold and intuitive visual narrative. Utilizing impactful photography, we chronicled Novocure's major achievements over the last 20 years, capturing the essence of their pioneering spirit. Through this approach, we created an annual report that not only celebrated Novocure's accomplishments but also inspired confidence in its continued leadership in cancer therapy innovation.

Completed at AAJdesign in 2020.


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