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ROLE Web Standards
Web Design Lead

COLLABRATORS Jan C. Almquist, Project Management
Edgimo Strategic Digital Solutions, Web Development

CASEWatermark Lodging Trust, renowned for its luxury and upscale hotels and resorts across 14 states, including prestigious properties like the Ritz Carlton and Marriott Sawgrass,  aimed to ensure its online presence reflected the elegance and sophistication synonymous with its brand.

RESULT My role centered around designing a new website for Watermark, aimed at showcasing its prestigious portfolio and providing an immersive online experience for visitors. We embarked on a journey to create a digital platform that mirrored the luxury and sophistication of Watermark's properties. From incorporating sleek design elements to ensuring a user-friendly interface, every aspect of the website was crafted to captivate and engage visitors. Our collaborative effort aimed to elevate Watermark's online presence and reinforce its position as a leader in the hospitality industry.

Completed at AAJdesign in 2021.


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